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 Khayer Aldeen Altunisy
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Khayer Aldeen Altunisy (1820 1889) , one of the symbols of reform of the modern Tunisian state.


His Life


Khayer Aldeen was born in Caucasus 1820 from the "Abza" tribes in Sharkas lands where his father died during the war between the Ottoman and Russian empires. He was captured as a child and sold at the end to the Tunisian ruler (الباي) Ahmad Basha at the age of 17. Due to his intellectual capabilities Ahmad Basha taught him history, politics as well as military sciences. As a result of his outstanding performance he was appointed as the commander (Ameer) of the cavalry brigade on 1849.

On 1857 he was appointed as a minister of the navy, during this period he performed several plans of reform, among which, improvements of the main port of Tunisia, organization of the ministry and performing treatises with foreign states; in addition to participation in issuing the rules of the senate council for which he became its president on 1861.

Between the year of 1862 and 1869 he left his position due to political circumstances and devoted his time for contemplation and writing of his views of Islamic reform. On 1869, after the death of the previous ruler of Tunisia, he was put in charge again in the position of head of the monetary council, then as a minister on 1873. Again due to the political problems he left his position on 1878 and migrated to Turkey where he was charged by the position of the prime minister by the Ottoman Khalif Abelhamid till his death on 1889.


His is Thought


Khayer Aldeen Altunisi has left one major intellectual work in which he has put the fruit of his experience and his intellectual views titled "the best ways to know the conditions of the states" (أقوم المسالك في معرفة أحوال الممالك ).

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