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 Mustafa Abdolrazeq
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Al-sheikh Mustafa Abdolrazeq (1885-1945), sheikh of the Al-Azhar Mosque, he renewed the 'Islamic Philosophy' in the modern era, and the first to formulate its history in Arabic, appointed as the minister of   endowments several times.

His Life

Mustafa Abdolrazeq was born in a rich family in Al-menya governorate, in Egypt. His father was a patriot and one of the founders of the newspaper 'The newspaper' which called for ruling in accordance with the national convention as well as for social and educational reform. His father, also, was one of the founders of the 'Umma' Party (the Nation party). He preserved the Koran and joined Al-Azhar where he met with Al-sheikh Muhammad Abduh, and earned the license of 'Al'alamia' (the highest lincense in Al-Azhar) on 1908. He taught jurisprudence for some time and resigned. He was appointed as a member in the high council of Al-Azhar, and a supervisor of the Islamic courts. He, in addition, was active as a writer in newspapers and in participation in the political affairs.

Travel to France

Mustafa Abdolrazeq left to France and studied in 'Sorbonne' Paris and earned his philosophy of Doctorate license. He also lectured in Lyon in the topic of the basis of the 'Al-shary'a' (Islamic Law).

His Philosophy

Abdolrazeq is the founder of what we call today 'Islamic Philosophy'. He earned his PhD with theses on "Al-emam Al-Shafe'y the greatest legislator", and translated 'A treatise on monism' for Al-emam Muhammad Abuh with Bernard Michelle. On 1927 he was appointed as an associate professor in Islamic philosophy in the faculty of literature in Cairo University (Fouad 1st at that time). Then he became a chair professor in philosophy. In this period he founded through his lectures and notes the field of Islamic philosophy and affirmed its authenticity and its autonomy from the Greek philosophy. Several students of him continued his position and enriched the study in the field, amongst them, Aly Samy Alnashar, Tawfiq Altaweel, and Ibrahim Bayoumy Madkour.

His works

Among his many books and articles which reveal his philosophy,

                                 An Introduction to the history of Islamic Philosophy.

                                 Alfarabi the philosopher of the Arab and the second Master