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The Yemeni Philosophical Society

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      The society has been found on 23rd May 2002 and it is registered in the ministry of social affairs with no. 127 and permission no. 127 issued on 7th Dec. 2005, and it includes in its membership philosophy professors as well as philosophy graduates from different Universities and its domain of activity is the republic of Yemen and its central office is in the Capitol.


Current Board of Directors of the Society:

  1. Professor Hassan Alkuhlany     President

  2. Dr. Hassan Al-Iryany             Vice President

  3. Abulhamid Zyad                   Secretary General

  4.  Abullah Al-Bakhity               Treasurer

  5. Abullah Saleh Haider              Media Correspondence

  6. Aly Al-Reemy                       General Relations

  7. Farhan Ahmad Hashem           Cultural Issues

  8. Iman Alsa'fany                      Women Section

  9. Dr. Muhammad Al-Kamaly       Honorary President