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  1. Complexity and Self Organizing Systems

1. Heylighen F., P. Cilliers, & C. Gershenson (2007): Complexity and Philosophy, in: Jan Bogg and Robert Geyer (editors), Complexity, Science and Society, (Radcliffe Publishing, Oxford), P. 117-132.

2.Bishop, Robert, 2008, Downward Causation in Fluid Conviction, in Sythese, V. 160, Pp. 229–248. (Abstract)

3.     Morin, Edgar, Restricted complexity, general complexity, Presented at the Colloquium “Intelligence de la complexit´e : ´epist´emologie et pragmatique”, erisy-La-Salle, France, June 26th, 2005”. Translated from French by Carlos Gershenson

4.     Reason,Peter,  A Participatory Worldview,  Resurgence, 168, 42-44. (1998).

5.     O'Connor, Timothy , Agent Causation,  in T. O'Connor, ed., Agents, Causes, and Events: Essays on Indeterminism and Free Will, (New York: Oxford University Press, 1995), 173-200.

6.   Kauffman,  Stuart ,   Molecular autonomous agents, Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. Lond. A (2003) 361, 1089-1099.



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