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An independent philosophy researcher (see curriculum Vita), started to learn philosophy by myself on 1989, my self-philosophical project dates back to 1995 where I have written my first overall view about nature, philosophical method, language, and the tri-relation between science, philosophy and religion. later on I decided to educate my self to cope with latest knowledge of philosophy of science, in general, and philosophy of physics, in particular. This has revealed itself in a series of research work, some of it has been published, other are not published yet (see research). At the end such studies has been crystallized in my major book 'Science and conditions of renaissance', a monograph that deals with the relation between societies which strive toward modernity, such as contemporary Arabic societies, and our contemporary understanding of 'Science' as an essential human activity which penetrates every other human activity (see books).
I have been a member board of the Egyptian philosophical Society since Dec, 1996 as well as the treasurer, I left the board on 2004 election but I remain in a close relation to its activities. This journey has culminated by winning the prize of 'the most important Arabic book' for my book "Science and the Arabic Worldview" awarded by "the Arabic Thought Foundation", Beirut, for the year of 2010, value of the prize is 75000 (seventy five thousands) USD.

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 My Philosophical position:

In general I have two main basic philosophical interests, Philosophy of science and philosophy of civilization.

Philosophy of science as well as philosophy of consciousness, philosophy of physics led me to the understanding that we have to give up the 'reductionist' mechanical philosophy together with its 'reductionist' mechanistic laws of nature. The alternative, in current literature, is not clear till today. However, several views has been developed based on the basic notion of 'Naturalism'; either reinterpreting the meaning of the term 'matter', to incorporate the non-mechanical phenomena, or introducing a new force of nature in addition to the previously known physical powers, to reach the same goal. For me the central question, on which I am trying to place some efforts, is to formalize a set of formal laws that are applicable, only formally, to the different levels of nature. This formal set is supposed to replace the unified 'reductionist' mechanical laws which is only applicable to one level of nature, namely the physical level on the macro scale (i.e. above the atomic level). This set of formal laws is supposed to fulfill the required goal, i.e, to present some form of a general law that govern, human consciousness, minds and societies, on one category, living bodies and cells, on a second category, as well as physical bodies, all in a non-mechanistic view.

With respect to philosophy of civilization, I embrace the position of 'Multi-Cultural Modernity'. According to this position Modernity as a state of the specific society has some features that are general to humanity as such (for me being modern is equal to being scientific). And at the same time, modernism may exhibit features that are unique to the specific society under consideration, (example, the relation between science and society and hence, culture and its religious beliefs; subject-object division is not the only solution in the vicinity). Hence, the real question is to build the correct relation between the objective aspects of modernity, such as being rational, objective, critic, realistic, etc. and the subjective aspects of modernity, such as being a human that possesses a specific view to the world, a set of basic beliefs, a view of the role of humans in the world, the meaning of life, etc. Based on this view Arab-Islamic thought should be introduced as a humanistic thought before being specific to Arab-Islamic societies. This mandates introducing such thought on an abstract level with positive engagement with contemporary human thought. Naturally, I try in my work to fulfill such a condition.

In the following you will find some personal as well as professional information as well as, links to my writings and excerpts of my books.
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