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3. Secularism

Continuity of Secularism… a dialogue with Michel Patrick (in Arabic)

Religion in a Secular Society - Michael Smith

European Islam, Church, and Secularism – Ezz Eldeen E'nayah (in Arabic)

The Crisis of the Secular State and the New Forms of Religious Expression – Olivier Roy

The Challenge of Creating Change – John Esposito

Is Secularism Alone the Solution - Subhi Alghandour (in Arabic)

What we talk about when we talk about shari‘a - Noah Feldman

The Future of Sharia Is the Secular State - Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naim

Religion and Politics, Demarcation not Separation - Sa'ad Aldeen Al'othmany (in Arabic)

Two Forms of Secularism - Heiner Bielefeldt

Synthesis of Islamic Thought, Secularism, and Modernity - Volker S. Stahr

Minority religions and secular states - Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Muslims and the Secular State in France - Amr Alshobki

Islam and Secularism...a New Vision - Fatmah Hafez (in Arabic)

Secular Fundamentalism and Religious Fundamentalism - Abu Ya'rub Almarzouki (in Arabic)

Religion, Politics, and the State: Cross-Cultural Observations - N.J. Demerath and Karen S. Straight

Rethinking Secularism ... Rethinking Feminism - Heba Raouf Ezzat

Secularism and Islamic Countries: Is Khilafah better than Civil State?

Sakr Abu Fakhr (in Arabic)

Secularism - Abdel-Wahab Elmessiri (in Arabic)

Feldman, N.,The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State - Ellis Goldberg

European Muslims and the Secular State, in a Comparative Perspective - Symposium report, the network of comparative research on Islam and Muslims in Europe.

Turkish Secularism and Arabic Islam - Asem Badr Elddin (in Arabic)

In Defense of Secularism - Lisa Miller

Does Democracy Requires Secularism? - Raja Bahlul (in Arabic)

Bernard Lewis and Mohammad Emarah: Unity of Method - Wajeeh Kawtharany (in Arabic)



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