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Philosophers of  the Arabs

Arabic Research Works


  1. On Arab-Islamic Heritage

1.      "Arabic sciences between theory of knowledge and history", Rushdi Rashed, philosophy and current epoch, no.2, Cairo, 2002, Pp. 27-39. (review in English)

2.      "The rational inclination of Mohammad Abduh", Yousef Salama,  philosophy and current epoch, no.1, Cairo, 1999, P. 37-44. (review, in English)

3.      "The critical sense of the philosopher Ibn Rushd", Mohammed Atef Al'iraqui, the world of thought, no.4, v.27, 1999.

4.      "Is the theory of 'Nazm' of Abdolquaher Aljurjani the first application in Human sciences?, Samir Abuzaid,'Almawakif', University Center, Mu'askar, Algeria, issue no.1, 2007.



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