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Here, our aim is to serve our reader who is not an Arabic scholar, and hence, can not read in Arabic, but still keen to get an overview of the contemporary Arabic thought. In this page, in order to give such an overview, we will post a translation of the title of some of the most important Arabic research works in the last two decades, with a review of the article. By time we will be able to present some translations of the most important papers. Participation is welcomed from English speaking scholars of contemporary Arabic thought  to propagate such thought in English language. 



  1. Arabic Renaissance Thought

1.      "A declaration in Arabic renaissance and enlightenment" (in Arabic), Alttayeb Tyzini, the world of thought, no.3, v.29, 2001, Pp. 49- 75. (English Review)

2.      "The theoretical brittleness of contemporary Arabic thought" (in Arabic), Mahmoud Ameen Al-Alem, thoughtful issues, no. 15/16, 1995, Pp. 9-18. (English Review)

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  1. On Arab/Islamic Heritage

1.      "Arabic sciences between theory of knowledge and history", Rushdi Rashed, philosophy and current epoch, no.2, Cairo, 2002, Pp. 27-39. (English Review)

2.      "The rational inclination of Mohammad Abduh", Yousef Salama,   philosophy and current epoch, no.1, Cairo, 1999, P. 37-44. (English Review)

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  1. On Modernity thought

1.      "Modernity Globalization and dismantling national cultures", Ahmed Zayed, the world of thought, no.1, v.32, 2003, P. 7-38. (English review)


  1. On the Future of Arabic Philosophy

1.      "Necessities of Theorizing in Contemporary Egyptian and Arabic Thought", Samir Abuzaid, Center for studies of Arabic unity, Beirut, December 2002, Pp. 183-216.

2.      "Our Academic studies and the birth of contemporary Arabic philosophy", Adeep Nayef Zyab, in 'Philosophy in contemporary Arab world', center for Arabic unity studies, Beirut, 1985, Pp. 151-169. (English Review)

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  1. On Philosophy of Science

1.      "The relation between philosophy, science, and technology", Alsayed Naffadi, philosophy and current epoch, no.2, 2002, Pp. 109-129. (English Review)

2.     "Consciousness, ... an essential aspect of matter?, the search for new fundamental laws of nature' (In Arabic), Samir Abuzaid, in "The Egyptian Philosophical Society Magazine", no. 17, 2008

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F. Arabic Political Thought

1. "Decision Making in Arabic Governing Regimes", Nivine Musa'ad, in Almustaqbal Al-Arabi magazine, No. 379,  Sep. 2010, P. 11-50.

2. "Ibn Rush Political Thought", Farid Al'oleby, in Almustaqbal Al-Arabi magazine, No. 386, April 2011.