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Philosophers of  the Arabs

Arabic Research Works


  1. Arabic Renaissance Thought

  1. 1.      "A declaration in Arabic renaissance and enlightenment" (in Arabic), Alttayeb Tyzini, the world of thought, no.3, v.29, 2001, Pp. 49- 75. (Review in English)

  2. 3.      "The theoretical brittleness of contemporary Arabic thought" (in Arabic), Mahmoud Ameen Al-Alem, thoughtful issues, no. 15/16, 1995, Pp. 9-18. (review in English)

  3. 4.      "A will to belief or a will to knowledge", Ali Harb, Thoughtful issues, no. 15/16, 1995.

  4. 5.      "The reconciliation methodology, the problematic of unsettlement in thought and reality", Mohamed Jaber Alansary, the world of thought, no. 3/4, v.26, 1998.

  5. 6.    "Arabic thought between theory and practice", Mahmoud Amin El'alem, the world of thought, no. 3/4, v. 26, 1998.



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