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  1. On the Future of Arabic Philosophy

1.      "Necessities of Theorizing in Contemporary Egyptian and Arabic Thought", Samir Abuzaid, Center for studies of Arabic unity, Beirut, December 2002, Pp. 183-216.

2.      "Our Academic studies and the birth of contemporary Arabic philosophy", Adeep Nayef Zyab, in 'Philosophy in contemporary Arab world', center for Arabic unity studies, Beirut, 1985, Pp. 151-169. (review, in English)

3.      "Nassif Nassar and the search for the rout for philosophical independence", Ahmed Barkawy, Philosophy and current epoch, no.1, 1999, Cairo, Pp. 96-103.

4. "The Arabic Nation and Science Domestication", Rusdi Rashed, Alustaqbal Alarabi, no. 354, august 2008, P. 6-25.



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