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        5. Arabic Political Thought

The Principle of Citizenship – Tarek Albishry

Political Reform Between the Islamic and the Secular – Rafeeq Habib

The Road to the Arabic Liberalism – Muhammed Abu Romman

Redeployment of Capitalism – Samir Amin

Early Renaissance Men and the Problem of Freedom – Daham Hassan

Parties Are Sects in Politics – Fahmy Huwaidy

An Arabic Liberalism with the Chinese Method – Ghassan Alemam

The Problematic of Democracy in our Countries?! – Abdul Mon'em Saeed

Islam and the Question of Governance, Such an Endless Controversy – Ammar Aly Hassan

The Value of Freedom in the Arabic Thought – Alhabib Al-Janahani

The Birth of the New Arabic Rationality – Basem Al-Twaisy

Islam, Arabism… Time for historical Reconciliation – Mohammad Jaber Al-Ansary

The Problematic of the Minorities is a part of the Question of Modernism… Do not Exaggerate it – Salama Keelah

Shura and Democracy, From Resemblance to Founding – Kamal Abulltif

Determinants of Freedom in Contemporary Arabic Thought – Mahmoud Amin Al-Alem

Maturity of Democratic Consciousness in the Arabic world – Khalil Al-Anany

Arabs, Islam and Questions of Despotism – Mu'taz Bellah Abulfattah

The Awaited Democracy Has not been Born Yet – Burhan Ghalyoon

The curse of Dictatorship and the Ghost of Democracy – Noor Al-Deen Jebnon

This is Not the Democracy We Mean – Tarek Aly

Society – State and Religion – Citizenship Dualities – Amro Hamzawy

The Fate of the Arabic Liberalism – Hany Al-Hourany

Forming an Islamic Democracy – Sohaib Sultan (in English)

The Nature of the Islamic Political System - Jamal Badawi (in English)

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