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 1.Toward a New Arabic Philosophy

Our Contemporary Arabic Philosophers - Said Bensaid Al'alawy

The Crisis of Philosophy in the Arab World - Musheer Basil Aoun

Theoretical Thought of the Arabic Nationalist Current -Ahmad Barqawy

 Would Philosophy Stay Philosophy if it were Governed by Intellectual Particulariy - Khaled Alharoub

Arabs and Philosophy: Or the Problematic of the Philosophical Creativity - Basheer Mofty

Are We In Need to a New Arabic Philosophy? - Samir Abuzaid



 2. The Modern Arabic State

Tensions around the State in the Arabic Political Philosophical Thought - Tayyeb Tisini

The State and Sovereignty in the age of Globalization - Turkey Alhamad

Obstacles in front of the Arabic Project (1/2) - Azraj Omar

 Obstacles in front of the Arabic Project (2/2) - Azraj Omar

Epistemic Basis of Islamic Political Systems - Nasr Mohammad Aref

Is 'Al-Shura' a Contemporary Despotism - Sakr Abu Fakhr

Blab around the State - Abdulelah Belqazeez



3. The Arabic Renaissance

The Failure of the Enlightenment Project in the Arabic Area and Conditions of Restoring - Gilbert Al-Ashqar

Reformulation of the Nationalist Thought - Abdullah Al-Asha'al
Speaking About New Arabic Renaissance is an Exaggeration - Abdulghany Barah

Mediation... a Civilizational Renaissance Project - Rafeek Habib

Is Ethical Renaissance a Condition for General Renaissance - Turkey Ali Alrabe'o



4. The Question of Identity

Cultural Authenticity and National Identity - Edward Alkharat

Arabic Identity and the Questions of Contemporary Arabic Culture - Tayyeb Tizini

The Eternal Arabic Unity - Muta'a Safady

Loosing the Arabic Identity - George Qurm

The Question of Unity and Alliance - Burhan Ghaleone



 5. Arabic Political Thought

The Principle of Citizenship Tarek Albishry

Political Reform Between the Islamic and the Secular Rafeeq Habib

The Road to the Arabic Liberalism Muhammed Abu Romman

Redeployment of Capitalism Samir Amin

Early Renaissance Men and the Problem of Freedom Daham Hassan

Parties Are Sects in Politics Fahmy Huwaidy


6. Renaissance Thought and Contemporary Arabic Revolutions

Roots of the Arab Revolts; Premature Celebrations - James Petras (in Arabic)

The Arab Revolution is not Over - Theo Sommer

Arabic Revolutions in the Eyes of 17 American Intellectuals - Muhammad Aly Saleh (in Arabic)

The Arabic Revolutions Stunned the World and Threatened the Future of America - Gamal Almallah (in Arabic)

We've waited for this revolution for years - Mona Eltahawy



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