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Arab and Islamic Philosophical Studies Centers

 This title purports to presenting the most important academic and cultural centers that possess a definite scientific project for philosophical research in Arabic thought in its different levels. The list is tentative, and will be completed upon receiving the necessary information with time. By pressing on the name of the center, a brief description of its activities can be downloaded.


A- Arabic Centers


  1. Center for Studies of Arabic Unity.

  2. Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought.

  3. The Foundation of Arabic Thought.

  4. The National Council of Culture and Arts and Literature- Kuwait.

  5. Supreme Council of CultureEgypt.

  6. Beit Al-Hikma, Tunisian academy of sciences, letters and arts.

  7. Middle east studies center - Jordan.

  8. Sheikh Zayed's book award.

  9. The Arab Orient Center - for strategic and civilization studies.

  10. Almansour cultural foundation.

  11. C.M.E.R -Centre Méditérranéen des Etudes et de Recherches.

  12. Mohammed Bin Rashid Arabic Language Award.

  13. Aafaq center for research and studies.

  14. Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies.

  15. Center for studies of Philosophy of Religion.

  16. Contemporary Research Center.

  17. Al-Sheikh Aly Abdullah Al Thani Grant for Information and Studies.

  18. Aljazeera Center for Studies.

  19. Tabah Foundation.

  20. Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.

  21. Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and research.

  22. Arab Social Science Research Gate.

  23. Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, ISESCO.

  24. Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies.

  25. Bayt Al-Hekma for Strategic Studies.

  26. Center of Social and Human Research and Studies at Oujda.

  27. Believers Without Borders.

  28. Ibn Khaldoun Center for Studies and Research.

  29. Marrocain Center for Philosophical Research and Studies.

  30. Almesbar for Studies and Research.

  31. Knowledge and Civilization Studies Center.

  32. Critique and Enlightenment Studies Center.


                       B- Non-Arabic Centers.

  1. Al-Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies.

  2. Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

  3. Oxford Institute for Middle Eastern & North African Studies.

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