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5. Globalization

The Guardian view on globalisation: its death is the making of it - Editorial

Society, nationalism and globalization - ALİ BULAΗ

Is Glablization an Extension of Modernism or the Opposite - Mohammad Diab (in Arabic)

The Psychology of Globalization - Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

Contemplations in Globalization - Qassem Abdo Qassem (in Arabic)

Between Islamic Universality and Western Globalization - Mohamed Amara

Globalisation is Western Hegemony – Hassan Hanafi

The World rebels against Globalization – Ahmad Abu Zaid (in Arabic)

Arabic Discourse With Cultures of the Globalization Age – Mas'oud Daher (in Arabic)

 What Values Will Guide Our Future in an Era of Globalization? - Craig Runde

Globalization -  Mark K. Smith and Michele Erina Doyle

Globalization from Universality to Class Identity – Hans Roner (in Arabic)

Globalization and identities - Alain Touraine

Globalization and the Postmodern Turn - Douglas Kellner

Western's Capitalists Fundamentalism – Hashim Saleh (in Arabic)

Islam and Globalization: Secularism, Religion, and Radicalism - Sean L. Yom

Oriental Globalization - Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Queries Produced by Globalization – Ben Abdulfattah Dahman (in Arabic)   

American Fundamentalism and the Globalization Project – Tayyeb Tizini (in Arabic)

The Other Side of Globalization - Karl-Heinz Kohl

The Role of Philosophy in the Globalized World - John W. Murphy

Universal Culture, Is It a threat To the Weaker Culture? – Yousef Al-Sharouni (in Arabic)   

Dangers of Globalization from an Arabic Perspective – Salama Keelah (in Arabic)   

Between The World and My Tribe – Guy Sorman (in Arabic)

The Global ideology of Fear – Tariq Ramadan


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