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Philosophical Discourse Between East and West

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2. Islam and the West

Democracy, Islam and the politics of belonging - Rosemary Bechler

The clash of civilisations revisited - Mohamed Sid-Ahmed

Colonial Europe, How did it see the Other? - Abdol'alim Mohammad (in Arabic)

Islam and the West.. in Search of Light at the end of the Tunnel - Aly Abdolfattah Alharouni (in Arabic)

Welcoming liberal Islam - Dave Belden

Civilizational Discourse and Cultural Particularity - Fawzya Al'ashmawy (in Arabic)

Islam and the West - Roger Hardy

Islam and the West: A Conversation with Bernard Lewis - The Pew Forum

A reading in book 'Islam and the West: Toward a better Future' - Samir Alshmaylah (in Arabic)

Human Rights a Wide Gab between Islamic and the Western Conceptions - Wesam Fuad (in Arabic)

What's the Real Difference? Islam and the West - Gudrun Kramer (1/2)

What's the Real Difference? Islam and the West - Gudrun Kramer (2/2)

"Islam and the West", Conversation with John Esopsito - Nawaat

In Advance of any Civilization.. It is the Eternal Miracle of Islam - Mohammad Abdolkafy (in Arabic)

Integrating Islam into the West - Phillip Blond and Adrian Pabst

Islam and the West in the 21st Century - Hashem Saleh (in Arabic)

Double Hijacking of Islam - Suleiman Ibrahim Al'askary (in Arabic)

Islamism's failure, Islamists' future - Oliver Roy

A Cultural and Epistemic Archeology in Contemporary Political Panorama and a Dialogue with its Constituents - Alquds Alaraby (in Arabic)

Islam and the West - Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouq

Islam and the Quest for Renovation - Mohammad Aboulqasem Haj Hamad (in Arabic)

Samuel Huntington .. Must Civilizations Clash? - Fakhry Saleh (in Arabic)

A Book for a Book instead an Eye for an Eye - Sadiq Al-Azm

Islam and the West, Interview with Karen Armstrong - Omayma Abdel-Latif

Islam and the West - Abdel-Wahab Elmessiri (in Arabic)

Hofmann... When Does Islam and the West Meet - Ftmah Hafez (in Arabic)

Islam and Democracy, Micro-Level Indications of Compatibility - Steven Rayan Hofmann

Muslims In A Secular Constitutional State - Heiner Bielefeldt 

Islam, France and the World  in the Eyes of a French Thinker - a dialogue with Alan Greiche (in Arabic)              


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