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   2. The Modern Arabic State

Tensions around the State in the Arabic Political Philosophical Thought - Tayyeb Tisini

The State and Sovereignty in the age of Globalization - Turkey Alhamad

Obstacles in front of the Arabic Project (1/2) - Azraj Omar

 Obstacles in front of the Arabic Project (2/2) - Azraj Omar

Epistemic Basis of Islamic Political Systems - Nasr Mohammad Aref

Is 'Shura' a Contemporary Despotism - Sakr Abu Fakhr

Blab around the State - Abdulelah Belqazeez

Current Problematic of Nationalist Thought - Alsayyed Weld Abah

Arabs and Amazeegh.. The River and its Branches - Fareedah Alnaqash

Religious Parties and the Democratic State - Ahmad Khalil Ahmad

Islam, Philosophy and Democracy - hashem Saleh

Alshura.. Instinct, Sunna and an Order - Heba Raof Ezzat

Destroying the Legitimacy of the Modern Arabic State - Abdoulmen'em Sa'id

Impossibility of Modeling the State - Alssayed Haney Fahs

Modernism or Civil Wars - Sa'ad boukhlate

The State Between Inside and Outside - Ahmad Alboghdady

Culture of Democracy or Voting boxes? - Suliman Al'askary


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